My sewing room is in my basement.  The WHOLE basement is mine.  🙂  Today I start getting it back in order and making it my Quilting, Sewing, Knitting, Weaving and Embroidery Studio!  I have almost everything I need to do it but I have, well, just not done it.  I think I left productive society about 2 or more years ago.  Things have just been piling and piling and piling up.  Time to come back to being a productive member of God’s world.  He has given me so much to work with and I have not done the things I should be doing.  Do you ever just get in that slump?  Can’t seem to get a thing done?  Well, that is where I have been and I am sick of it.  So today I started and will do a bit each day.  Thank you God for the push and the ability to still do things!  


Maybe it is time to finally start again.  I have a few things to share.  🙂

Mystery Quilt

This quilt top was done at my church.  We have a sewing ministry called Scarlet Threads Sewing Ministry.  Kathy Stuard taught the class.  Earlier this year we made a mystery quilt.  We brought so many light, dark and medium fat quarters.  Each month we were given instructions as to what we should do but we had no idea what the final product was to look like.  Here is my final product



Friday and Saturday the 19th and 20th of August I attended the Stash Busters Party.  And we sewed and sewed and sewed.  It was wonderful.  The pattern we used was Cozy Quilt Designs, Radiant by Daniela Stout.  I made two quilt tops and was worn out when done on Saturday evening.  All the quilts turned out BEAUTIFUL.

I bought a few new girls dress patterns last week.  I found them on site I found while searching for german interfacing.  German interfacing is a fusible cotton batiste used with heirloom sewing.   The website was Farm House Fabrics.   They had the german interfacing and lots of patterns.  One designer I really liked was  Olabelhe.  I ordered several of her patterns and I finished the pattern called Lindsey’s dress today.  I had enough material left over to make a similar but much smaller one for Ella.

Megan and I are trying to start a business of sewing and embroidery.  We have created a Facebook page to help us.  GentleHearted Creations.  It is of course slow going.  But we are getting started.    If you are a Facebook member you can view the page with this link.  GentleHearted Creations

Here are some monogrammed towels I did just recently.  They are reverse monogramming.

Tuesday night the 9th we did very very cute decorator pillows in class.  We quilted as we went.   Did some machine quilting on it and some buttons also.  Ties in the back to hold the back panels together.   Learned lots of new ways to do things and just had an over all good time!