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I am looking for a great digital camera and a great DVD camcorder.  I need a fast shutter speed on the camera.  You know kids are fast!!!!!  I am done with blurry pictures.  You can’t do great memories in scrapbooking with blurry pictures. (and you know I will have a lot of that to do now)  Anyone have any suggestions?  What do you have and how do you like it?  What would you look for if you were going out to buy a better one? 


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We well do have one New Year’s resolution.  To finish all the cars, trucks, boats and other toys in the car lot (yard).  For those that have been to my house you know what I mean.  HA!


Here is Randy and his dump truck.  He started on this last year, 2006.  He bought an ambulance and WE replaced the box on the back with a dump bed.  (oh boy! was that fun. We did that with another one of his toys, the skid steer.  I prayed a lot while we did it that it would not fall on either on of us)  He tore out all the extra wiring and after a few choice grumbles and a few weeks went by he finally got all the lights working.  Now it is time to do the body work.  (yes, Mr I can do a bit of everything is doing that himself also)  He is going for a bright yellow.  You notice the sleeper box he put on the back of the truck cab?  Do you think he is going to sleep in it at times?  lol   I will post a final picture when he finishes.

Someone else got in on the act!   PawPaw and his little girl.


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MeDid I look to far back?  LOL    I think I better just look forward to the New Year.  I don’t think I will make any New Years resolutions this time.  If I am lucky there is another little girl that will keep me to busy to accomplish them anyway.  🙂

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Meet the Pugs, Chip and Lillie

Our PugsLillie is 4 years old.  When she was a year old we got her a younger man, his name is Chip.  Chip is 3 years old. 

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ts.jpgI got my invite to Ravelry.com.  I am really going to like this.  I am putting in my library of books.  I have joined the “Year of Lace” group and put up two projects.  I can’t wait to list my stash.  I have tubs and tubs of yarn.  (imagine that)  The problem is  I can’t remember what is in the tubs anymore.  Well, I can list everything I have in my stash on Ravelry.  Tell what needles size it uses and how much yardage I have.  Even post a picture of it!  So now when I have a project I want to do I can just go there and see what I have without lifting tub after tub and digging through it.  Hallelujah, my back thanks you Ravelry! 

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Just getting started! Lets Party

lets-party.jpgWell, here I am blogging. FINALLY!  This could be fun, interesting, embrassing just to name a few things.   Thanks Nancy for giving me the courage to blog 🙂 I am just here for fun 🙂

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