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Ok I got the rest of my material for the quilt ūüôā¬†¬†

The backing is the large blue and brown.  Then there are the 4 beige pieces you need, the binding the flying geese shashing and the border!  Now to get it all cut out.


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I have finish another purse.  yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

This one is a Moon Shine Designs purse called the Paddington Satchel.  I made it with Moda fabric from the Sonnect collection. 

I learned several things making this one.  That when a pattern calls for rigilene (or they spelled it rigiline)  it is polyester corset boning.  It was used around the top of the bag to give the opening some stiffness so it stays open.  It works really great! Рbut you need a machine with some power and ability to go through really thick spots.   Also for the piping I used (believe it or not) weed eater line instead of nylon piping.   lol  It gave it a bit of extra pop and stiffness to the piping and worked really well. 

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I wanted to make a quilt from one of those Charm packs (Moda Splish Splash), so one day I just sat down and started putting it together.  I did not have a pattern and I also improvised the border.  The quilting on this one was done by Justine.  It is hard to see but she did waves and starfish on it and it turned out so cute.  Someday I will give it to someone.  lol

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I found a really neat place online that has a large selection of Asian fabric, Moda, Hoffman and other prints.  eQuilter.com  They have a lot more than Asian prints too. 

Little China Girls

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