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Into the Sewing Cave

My sewing room is in my basement.  The WHOLE basement is mine.  🙂  Today I start getting it back in order and making it my Quilting, Sewing, Knitting, Weaving and Embroidery Studio!  I have almost everything I need to do it but I have, well, just not done it.  I think I left productive society about 2 or more years ago.  Things have just been piling and piling and piling up.  Time to come back to being a productive member of God’s world.  He has given me so much to work with and I have not done the things I should be doing.  Do you ever just get in that slump?  Can’t seem to get a thing done?  Well, that is where I have been and I am sick of it.  So today I started and will do a bit each day.  Thank you God for the push and the ability to still do things!  


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Maybe it is time to finally start again.  I have a few things to share.  🙂

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