Last week at the Trenton, Quilt and Sew we made aprons.  I love going to class!  You can learn something new no matter how long you have been sewing.  We zig-zagged over fishing line to pull the ruffle for the bottom of the apron.  It is reversable and very cute!


This past week, July 11th – 15th, I took my granddaughter, Mia and her friend Rachel to sewing camp in Trenton, KY.  We had a good week and they made a rail fence quilts.  (TV size) and I made one in a Halloween motif that was a larger square quilt.   That pattern came from the Quilt in a Day, Rail Fence Quilt, for kids at heart, by LuAnn Stout.   It was to be a Mother/child class that turned out to be a  grandmother/grandchild week.  There were two Grandmothers, me and Lisa.  Lisa had her grandson, Hunter and her granddaughter, Rose.   I had my granddaughter Mia and her friend Rachel.  Mia is from Colt, AR and Rachel is the daughter of a good friend of mine.  They met at VBS this year and became friends.  

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Ok I got the rest of my material for the quilt 🙂  

The backing is the large blue and brown.  Then there are the 4 beige pieces you need, the binding the flying geese shashing and the border!  Now to get it all cut out.

Last night I went to sit and sew at the church and we are starting to cut out our quilt.  Well kinda!  I bought my book a few months ago and I have torn the house apart twice looking for it.  Well yesterday before sit and sew I figured I would never find it.  So I ordered a new one.  At sit and sew Justine let me look at hers for what I needed.  (thank you 🙂 )  Well I said as soon as the other book gets here I will find the first one and guess what?  It did not take that long I found it last night!!!!!!!  Oh well.   So now we have to get things cut out because we will start sewing in October. 

I am using Moda, Civil War Crossings by Barbara Brackman.  It is BEAUTIFUL.  I bought the large fat quarter bundle and am going to get some coordinates to do the sashing, border, binding and backing.  I have never done a quilt with civil war materials.  I usually go for the brighter ones.  But I think I am really going to like this one.   I am making the 12″ blocks, 16 of them and the last one tells a story about the quilt.  I can’t wait to get started sewing.  I think I better have the HQ Sixteen up and running by then!!!!  I will want to quilt this one right away.  Then maybe I will quilt a few of the other ones I have ready to go.  (Maybe lol)


I need to blog, but between Ravelry, Facebook and My Space who has time?  oh ya and knitting, sewing, spinning, dyeing, embroidering, quilting and lets not mention cleaning (I think I remember this but I could be wrong), cooking, sleeping, and socializing 🙂

I have been doing some more dyeing!  Imagine that!    One is rainbow sock yarn and I have started a pair of socks out of it already.  One is Mr. Moody Blues for my husband, MR. MOODY BLUE himself.   lol   He hates all the bright colors and thinks they look awful so I made him some he would like.  ALL BLUES!  And the last thing I posted are Kelsey’s finished socks.  I hope they fit!

Here is my newest dyed yarn.  Most of it is kool-aid dyeing, but the yellow in the citrus colors (the yellow, orange and green yarn) is actually lemon sugar free jello.  Kool-aid does not have a bright yellow so I thought I would try this and it seemed to work.  In the cornucopia colors (yellow, red, green and dark red yarn) the yellow is acutally from mustard.  I used the same idea just I used mustard in the water/vinager instead of kool-aid because we all know once mustard gets in something it never never never comes out.  LOL   Both have been thoroughly washed and rinsed afterwards in very warm water and they did not fade out.  Thank you to Enchanted Yarn and Fiber for all the lessons! 🙂