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Ok, I have a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T7.  No where can I find in the book what the shutter speed is, but I know I want one with a faster shutter speed.  So in the search I found a Sanyo VPC-T700 at Wal-Mart that says its shutter speed is 0.0001.  Now that should be fast and it is a 7 mega pixal camera so, we bought it and brought it home only to find out they gave us a returned one.  (the person that had it before left pictures on it!)  So I am taking it back.  But when you start reading in the book it says 1/2 to 1/2000 of a second shutter speed.  I guess you can set the shutter speed?  Good grief I just one one I can point and shoot and the shutter speed is always fast! lol 

 Nancy found a new Sony Cyber-shot at Best Buy that takes the picture when you SMILE.  Now this would seem a good thing, but how does it know when the person is smiling?  lol  I will be checking it out this week.  So I am still searching. 


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I am looking for a great digital camera and a great DVD camcorder.  I need a fast shutter speed on the camera.  You know kids are fast!!!!!  I am done with blurry pictures.  You can’t do great memories in scrapbooking with blurry pictures. (and you know I will have a lot of that to do now)  Anyone have any suggestions?  What do you have and how do you like it?  What would you look for if you were going out to buy a better one? 

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