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I finished paying for the Schacht Matchless and brought it home.  I am having such a good time with it.  I have ordered the wooly winder for it and am still spinning the wool I got at Enchanted Yarn and Fiber!

I will post a picture of it when I am finished. 


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Knitting Step by Step

While I did what the pattern said to do I was having issues with my M1 (make one) in knitting the baby surprise jacket.  They looked sloppy.   Jan said go to You Tube and gave me the link to more than one kind of M1 stitch.   I had no idea they had so much on You Tube about this kinda stuff.   Just had to share.  It is always so helpful to be able to see what they are talking about.

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I went to a baby surprise sweater (if you belong to Ravelry you can view this with the link) class yesterday.  This class was held at EnChanted Yarn and Fibers.  It was so much fun 🙂  It is a knit-a-long so we were all doing the exact same thing.  A few of us (those on the couch) were learning by subliminal messages as they slept (hearing material during sleep can facilitate learning the same material in the waking state)  and by Osmosis (a gradual, often unconscious process of assimilation (this sounds like the Star Trek Borg to me) The term has been applied to “sleep learning,” but I’m using it in a broader sense here to refer to “unconscious learning.”)  How much do you think they will retain?  LOL

After class was over I worked on my spinning!  I can’t wait to show you the yarn I am working on and the spinning wheel I have decided to get 🙂

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This is a new shop in my area that I have started going to.   They have so much there and not just products.  They are friendly, helpful and charming people.  Willing to help you learn and grow in your knitting, crocheting and spinning experience.  Spinning like I need one more new craft to take on.  🙂  Ok who is taking bets on how long it will be before I have to have a spinning wheel?   Check it out I know you will like it!   Just click on the logo and it will take you to their blog spot.  They are working on the website.  I will add it when it is ready. 

Come on girls lets go 🙂

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Man don’t ya just love to share patterns.  I just want to know why it does not look as good on me as it does the model.  They always look smashing! 


champagne leaf and acorn lace shawl

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Here are a few nice patterns I found today free online.  Just thought I would share 🙂 

redbag.jpg Cabled Bag 

snowdrop-shawl.jpg Snowdrop Shawl

 tiptoe.jpgTiptoe Through the Tulips

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This is a felted purse out of the Oregon Tote pattern by Knit Kit and made with Plymouth Outback, Mulberry color 959. My first felted project.

oregon tote

This is a felted carpet bag out of the Making Waves Carpet Bag pattern by Chris Bylsma and made with Plymouth, Galway, bright blue.  My second felted project.

Wave Carpet Bag

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